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$222.50/month (Sep.-Apr.) [$10 transaction fee]

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$437.50 (Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar.) [$12.50 transaction fee]

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Equip offers students an in-depth study of form, content, and style to help them overcome their fears and hang-ups about writing. Through reading, writing, discussion, and in-class, mentor-led workshopping, students will become confident and capable writers, producing original and insightful writing of high caliber. This 10 credit solo course complements the Logic course and helps prepare students for ECA's unified courses.

Logic is a year-long, class that counts for 10 credits of Logic or Critical Thinking. This course trains students in the skills which are necessary for thorough and creative thinking and for effective and winsome communication. Your student will learn the language of formal logic, analyze arguments for their validity, and recognize how logical argumentation is implemented in everything from advertisements and apologetics to poetry and literature. Logic is the most traditional of our courses, with lecture-based classes, quizzes, and tests; however, Logic is classically-oriented in that it gives students the foundational skills and aptitudes which will prepare them to become excellent discussion participants and writers.

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