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Emmaus Classical Academy is a partner in ministry with Eidos Christian Center. We are a supplementary tutorial service offering classical Christian humanities classes to high schoolers in Southern California and online. We are not a school; our students are simultaneously enrolled in an Independent Study Program (ISP), a Private Satellite Program (PSP), Charter School, or other schooling option. We do not keep transcripts, but we do provide semester grade summaries for parents to submit to their schools.

Emmaus Classical Academy welcomes students from all Christian denominations and traditions. Our staff, ministry partners, and partnering tutors affirm their Christian faith as expressed in the Nicene Creed.

Started in 2020, Emmaus Classical Academy seeks to build upon the good work of other classically-based programs that teach students to read and revere old texts, write excellent essays, and hold strong, true, Christian beliefs. Beyond these ideals, we believe that education ought to be life-changing, that it can't be done in a vacuum, and that there's more to a good education than thinking, reading, and writing.

Our philosophy of education is classical, Socratic, moral, and Christian. We're different from every other classical program or curriculum you'll find out there. Find out how:

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