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Automatic Payment Plans-

Monthly Payment Plan:

$116.25/month (Sep.-Apr.) [$10 transaction fee]

Quarterly Payment Plan:

$225 (Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar.) [$12.50 transaction fee]

(*Set up subscription payment plan using the link above. Do not manually cancel subscription plan. The subscription will automatically conclude at the end of the school year.)

*Register on the registration page before paying class tuition.

This year-long, once per week class is worth 5 credits of Studio Art and 5 Credits of Philosophy of Aesthetics. We recommend this class to 9-12th grade students, and this class can be taken simultaneously with any of our other classes or on its own.

Atelier offers a holistic classical art education.

What is so Beautiful about Truth and Goodness? Atelier offers students training in the skills of drawing and painting alongside an in-depth study of the philosophy of beauty. Students will learn the fundamentals of art such as perspective, proportion, values, color-theory, compositional design, etc. and become acquainted with the philosophical ideas that have created art movements such as ancient classicism, realism, and impressionism. Students who complete the Atelier class will emerge as confident and competent artists who delight anew in beauty and the world around them.

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