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Apologetics (auditing)

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Apologetics is open to all 9th-12th grade students.

This class is not just intended to equip students to defend various Christian truths and doctrines, but in the process, we will examine the proper understanding of human nature on the Christian worldview and how we can use these truths to pursue Christlike character, true human flourishing, and furthering God's kingdom within the culture we find ourselves in today. We will be surveying many different topics this year. We will examine the ways in which both the church fathers and contemporary theologians and philosophers defend various Christian doctrines.
Here’s a sample of different topics:
  • What is the relationship between faith and reason?
  • Examining different arguments for God’s existence: the cosmological argument, the Leibnizian argument, The teleological argument, the moral argument, and the ontological argument.
  • The resurrection of Christ: addressing Hume’s objection to the recognition of miracles.
  • The logical and probabilistic problem of evil
  • Examining and defending the doctrine of the Trinity
  • Examining and defending the doctrine of the Incarnation
  • Divine Eternity: what is God’s relationship to time?
  • Examining and defending the doctrine of Divine Omniscience
  • Understanding and defending other divine attributes
  • Defending Christian particularism: what is the fate of the unevangelized?
  • Understanding and defending a biblical concept of human nature

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