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Spring Inkwell (part 2)

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*For Inkwell only: you can pay tuition here or on the registration page.

Required Supplemental Writing Seminar for students taking their first unified class (Inkings, America, or Apostles)

Mondays: 5pm-6pm Online (Live sessions will be recorded for students who cannot attend.) [Beginning the week of Labor Day.]

This live, online Writing Seminar meets once per week to help prepare students for the writing coursework required for Inkings, America, and Apostles. A skilled writing mentor will guide students through the basics of crafting weekly assignments, formatting, and term paper development while providing time for students to ask questions and get feedback. Brief supplemental assignments will aid students in their unified class coursework.

Students enrolled in their first unified class are required to take one full year of Inkwell concurrently with their unified class. Inkwell supplements the composition component of the unified classes and does not count for class credit on its own.

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